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Travel Secrets and Local Insights with Rene Edwards of A Travel Odyssey

Welcome to the latest episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast! This time, we are thrilled to have Rene Edwards, a seasoned travel agent from A Travel Odyssey, join us. Rene is here to share her insights on the travel industry, explain the value of using a travel agent even in today’s tech-savvy world, and talk about her family’s history with the Edwards IGA grocery stores in Smithfield.

Rene has been married for nearly 52 years and has an extensive background in both the grocery business and travel industry. She has not only run successful grocery stores but has also navigated the changing landscape of travel as a professional travel agent for over three decades. 

Growing Up and Family Business

Rene opens up about growing up in Goldsboro and meeting her husband Bruce Edwards at a young age. Together, they ran the IGA grocery stores in various locations, including the largest IGA in North Carolina at one point. She also delves into what it was like working with her spouse for 20 years before transitioning into the travel industry.

Transition to the Travel Industry

Curious about what drove Rene to switch careers? She shares the moment she decided to volunteer at a travel agency owned by Barbara King and Patty Stallins, a decision that led her to become a certified travel agent through extensive training.

The Value of Travel Agents

In today’s world where booking platforms like Kayak and Expedia are prevalent, Rene discusses why using a travel agent is still invaluable. She sheds light on how travel agents offer personalized service, assist during travel hiccups like delayed flights, and provide insider knowledge on destinations. Whether it’s solving problems mid-trip or recommending unique travel spots, the benefits of having a travel agent are plenty.

Insight Into Cruises

Rene also dispels any hesitations about cruising, detailing how she convinced many to take their first cruise and the delightful experiences awaiting travelers on these trips. From state-of-the-art shows on ships to kid-friendly activities, cruising offers a comprehensive vacation experience without the need to pack and unpack.

Exciting Destinations and Services

Rene’s excitement is palpable when she talks about her favorite places to travel, especially Iceland. She shares her adventures like seeing the Northern Lights and witnessing a volcano eruption. For those looking to dive into Disney or explore Europe, Rene offers expert advice on how to plan these vacations efficiently.

A Love for Johnston County

Lastly, Rene reflects on her favorite restaurants and activities in Johnston County, pointing out how community and friendliness make the area special. From school events to hiking and community engagement, Johnston County holds a special place in her heart.

Listen to the Episode

This episode is packed with valuable travel tips, heartfelt stories, and local insights that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re planning your next big trip or just want to learn more about Johnston County, Rene’s experiences and advice are sure to inspire you.

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