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Navigating Growth and ABC Management with Chad Stewart

Welcome to another engaging episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast, where we dive deep into the lives and contributions of influential figures from our community. This week, we had the pleasure of having Chad Stewart on the show. Chad is not only a former Johnston County Commissioner but also the current General Manager of Johnston County ABC stores. Born and raised in Four Oaks, North Carolina, Chad has a rich family history in the area and a deep connection to the community’s heritage.

Chad Stewart: A Pillar of Johnston County

Chad Stewart’s journey from a local boy to a pivotal community leader is nothing short of inspiring. During the podcast, Chad shared stories of his early life, tracing back to when his family moved to Four Oaks after his father returned from Vietnam. His experiences growing up in a close-knit community shaped his approach to service and leadership.

In our extensive discussion, Chad delved into his extensive role with the ABC stores. He explained the intricacies of managing these establishments, detailing the regulatory frameworks within North Carolina and how these stores contribute significantly to the county’s economy through controlled liquor distribution. He also highlighted his strategies for modernizing these stores to accommodate growing community needs and his efforts in ensuring that these operations run efficiently and ethically.

Service, Community, and Business Acumen

The conversation also covered Chad’s multifaceted career, from farming to political service, and eventually to his pivotal role in the alcohol beverage control sector. His anecdotes about transitioning from a student at North Carolina State University to a naval serviceman, and later into various business ventures provide a fascinating glimpse into his dynamic career and personal growth.

Chad’s insights into the balancing act of managing county growth with maintaining the quality of life for residents sparked a thought-provoking discussion on future developments in Johnston County. His passion for the area is evident as he talked about both the challenges and rewards of public service.

Tune In for Invaluable Local Insights

This episode is packed with enlightening discussions that not only highlight the complexities of managing a crucial sector like the ABC stores but also reflect on the broader implications of growth, governance, and community service in Johnston County. To all residents and enthusiasts of Johnston County looking to understand more about the governance and the nuanced operations behind the scenes of our local ABC stores, this episode with Chad Stewart is a must-listen.

Do not miss out on this captivating episode. Click to listen and join us in uncovering the layers of commitment it takes to serve and lead in one of North Carolina’s vibrant counties. Tune in now to ‘The Best of Johnston County Podcast‘ for this and more fascinating local stories.

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