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Hometown Hero: Life-Long Local Ted Godwin Discusses 12 Years Serving Johnston County

On today’s episode of The Best of Johnston County podcast, join Jonathan Breeden as he sits down with Johnston County Commissioner Ted Godwin to discuss his 12 years of public service and lifelong ties to the Johnston community.

Commissioner Ted Godwin has seen the area grow and change dramatically over his lifetime, from a small rural community to a quickly developing suburb. But through thoughtful planning around balanced growth, he hopes Johnston can retain the open spaces and some of the small town feel long-time locals have treasured for generations. Having championed fiscal responsibility and reforms to the county’s landfill system, Godwin also shares his perspective on Johnston’s explosive $300 million budget and what “managed growth” might look like in the years ahead. With deep roots in the county dating back well before his time in office, Commissioner Ted Godwin offers a unique hometown take on both the opportunities and growing pains facing his community today.

If you want to hear more about what civic service means to this multi-term commissioner and how Johnston County can preserve the best of its past while progressing into the future, don’t miss this far-reaching conversation. Tune into this episode of The Best of Johnston County podcast now to listen.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • The inside story on Johnston County’s new “open access” trash and landfill system launching this summer after years of work.
  • Behind the scenes on high-profile economic development wins attracting billions in investment from major employers like Novo Nordisk.
  • How Johnston scored North Carolina’s first-ever AAA bond rating for a county its size.
  • The years-long journey to purchase and preserve land for the future Cleveland County Community Park.
  • Surprising training requirements at biotech giants Grifols and Novo right in Johnston’s backyard.
  • Mapping the strategic plan for Johnston Community College’s potential new Clayton campus.
  • The key roles transportation infrastructure like Interstates 95, 40, and the future I-42 play in Johnston’s growth.
  • Fascinating projects that may reshape Johnston’s landscape – like the planned multi-use “Copper District” development in Clayton.
  • Commissioner Godwin’s passions outside serving the community – like cycling through the county’s scenic rural landscape.

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