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Home Sweet Home in Johnston County: Bart Poynor on Mortgages and More

Welcome to another enlightening episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast! Your host, Jonathan Breeden invites an old-time friend and veteran mortgage broker, Bart Poynor, to the conversation.

Working with United Community Bank, formerly known as Four Oaks Bank, Bart shares his experiences and insights in the local real estate market. He paints a picture of Johnston County as an escape from city chaos, presenting affordable housing options, space, and a coziness that city life often lacks.

In a delightful twist, he shares about his chicken-keeping hobby, perfectly fitting into the rustic charm of Johnston County. His journey is a testament to the enriching lifestyle that this county has to offer.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Introduction to Bart Poynor, Mortgage Broker at United Community Bank.
  • Why Johnston County could be your ideal home.
  • Transitioning from city life to the tranquility of Johnston County.
  • Insights into mortgage brokering.
  • Bart’s delightful adventures in chicken-keeping in Johnston County.

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