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From Small Town to Booming County: A Conversation with Annice Broadwell

Welcome back to The Best of Johnston County Podcast! This episode, Jonathan Breeden enlightens listeners with the unique perspective of a lifelong Johnston County resident and real estate developer, Annice Broadwell.

A Johnston County native, Annice is deeply connected to her community, holding fond memories of the tight-knit, rural town she was raised in. She carries in her the legacy of her father – Denton Lee, a respected figure of the old Cleveland community. Together, they continue to shape the county via real estate development.

In this candid conversation, Annice sheds light on the evolution of Johnston County and, particularly, the transformation of the Cleveland community. The changes that have swept over the county over the last 30 years are reflected in her personal journey, from small-town student to proactive real estate developer.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Introduction to Annice Broadwell, Johnston County native and real estate developer
  • Reflections on growing up in the Cleveland community
  • The impact of infrastructural development (like Highway 40) on the county
  • Trends and changes in the local real estate market,
  • Insights into Annice‚Äôs role and experiences in real estate development

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