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Embarking on the Journey: The Best of Johnston County Podcast’s Maiden Voyage

Welcome to the first episode of The Best of Johnston County podcast. Co-host Richard Matthews kicks off the journey with a warm introduction to our special guest today – Jonathan Breeden.

Jonathan, a family law attorney, offers an intriguing glimpse into his profession and the personal commitments that led him to set up his firm in Johnston County. He shares the unique aspect of his firm, where he proudly mentions that the team branches out beyond the county border, reaching as far as Mexico and El Salvador.

He takes us down memory lane, highlighting his path from graduating from Campbell Law School to setting up his practice in Johnston County in 2000. Jonathan’s story presents a captivating blend of professional evolution and personal passion, providing a perfect kickoff to our podcast series.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Jonathan Breeden’s Journey as a family law attorney in Johnston County.
  • The unique global representation in the staffing of his law firm.
  • The transition of Jonathan’s life post-graduation from Campbell Law School.
  • The inception and evolution of his law practice in Johnston County.

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If you want to know more about Jonathan Breeden, you may reach out to him at: