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Discover the Freshest Meats at Lee’s Fresh Market with Kylie Lee

In this episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to Kylie Lee from Lee’s Fresh Market, located on Benson Hardee Road in Benson, North Carolina. Kylie, along with her grandpa Eddie Lee and dad Shane Lee, have transformed a small slaughterhouse into a thriving fresh market that has become a staple in the local community.

The Evolution of Lee’s Fresh Market

It all started with McLamb’s, a slaughterhouse established in 1978 with a single walk-up window. When the Lee family purchased it seven or eight years ago, they maintained the original name and operations. However, they had a vision for something more. After a few years, they decided to expand and open a market at the front. In 2022, Lee’s Fresh Market was born.

A Family Affair and Community Commitment

Lee’s Fresh Market is a true family business, with Eddie, Shane, and Kylie working there daily alongside nearly 50 employees. What sets them apart is their dedication to providing fresh, high-quality meat sourced from local farmers. This not only ensures product freshness but also supports the local farming community.

The market is deeply rooted in the community, sponsoring local events, providing meat for church fundraisers, and even serving free sausage biscuits every Saturday morning. Their commitment to their customers and the community is truly heartwarming.

Bringing Back the Neighborhood Butcher

One of the most appealing aspects of Lee’s Fresh Market is its old-school approach to the butcher shop experience. They cut all meat on-site and offer custom cuts to customers on the spot. This level of personalization and attention to detail harkens back to the traditional neighborhood butcher, making every customer feel like family.

Freshness and Quality Through Local Sourcing

By sourcing directly from local farmers and processing the meat on-site, Lee’s Fresh Market can offer better prices without compromising quality. They process about 40-50 cows and 200-300 pigs each week, ensuring a constant supply of fresh meat for their customers.

More Than Just a Meat Market

While known for its meats, Lee’s Fresh Market offers various grocery items, fresh produce, milk, and flowers during the summer. Their “Pick Five” section is trendy, allowing customers to choose five packs of vegetables for a set price. It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your fresh food needs.

The Secret to Their Success

Kylie attributes their success to the absence of a middleman. They can offer competitive prices and maintain the highest quality by sourcing directly from local farmers. They even offer various bundle boxes, perfect for large families or anyone looking to stock up on a variety of meats.

Conclusion – Tune In to Learn More!

This episode offers a fascinating look into the story behind Lee’s Fresh Market, the passion driving its success, and the community it supports. From their humble beginnings as a slaughterhouse to their current status as a community staple, Kylie Lee’s story is both inspiring and heartwarming.

So, whether you’re a meat lover, a supporter of local businesses, or just someone who appreciates a success story, you won’t want to miss this episode. Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform and don’t forget to subscribe to The Best of Johnston County Podcast for more stories about the incredible people and businesses that make our community great.

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