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Boosting Athletic Excellence: Alyssa Hellman’s Dynamic Journey in Johnston County

Welcome to the Best of Johnston County Podcast, where we shine a spotlight on the outstanding individuals and stories that define our community. In today’s episode, host Jonathan Breeden sits down with Alyssa Hellman, the energetic founder of Dynamic Performance Training and the driving force behind the basketball program of the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association.

Alyssa shares her vision for fostering athletic prowess and her role in shaping the physical and competitive landscape in Johnston County.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Alyssa Hellman’s accidental misnomers at graduations, humorously similar to a well-known mayonnaise brand.
  • The inception and growth of Dynamic Performance Training and its impact on local athletes.
  • An inside look into the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association’s basketball program and its contributions to the community.
  • Engaging discussions on the importance of physical training and sports programs in fostering youth development in Johnston County.
  • A candid conversation on what makes Johnston County the perfect backdrop for athletic and personal growth.

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