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Backpack Buddies

We’re back! Welcome to a deeply inspiring episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast. Jonathan Breeden talks to Mandy Williams, a beacon of hope for food-insecure children through the non-profit organization, BackPack Buddies.

In an enlightening chat, Mandy uncovers the noble mission behind BackPack Buddies, a 510c non-profit completely dependent on the community’s financial and food donations. Their amazing work is currently providing meals every weekend of the school year to approximately 136 children across Cleveland, Polenta, Westview Elementary schools, and Cleveland Middle School.

Ever wondered how children in need of support are identified? Mandy gives us a peek into their collaboration with school counselors and social workers and the well-coordinated efforts required to alleviate hunger in our communities.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

  • Understanding the essence and mission of BackPack Buddies.
  • Knowing the communities and schools it positively impacts.
  • The process and protocol of identifying food-insecure children.
  • The significance of community donations for BackPack Buddies.

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