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Building Community Through Football: A Conversation with Scott Riley

By ProductionAccount | February 12, 2024

Join me as I sit down with Scott Riley, the head football coach at Cleveland High School, on the latest episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast. We discuss his journey to Johnston County, what makes a great leader, and how he continues to produce winning teams year after year. We also delve into his love for coaching in Johnston County and the sense of community that has been built around the Cleveland High School football program.

Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with a dedicated coach who is making a difference in the lives of his players.

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Hometown Hero: Life-Long Local Ted Godwin Discusses 12 Years Serving Johnston County

By ProductionAccount | February 5, 2024

On this episode of The Best of Johnston County podcast, Attorney Jonathan Breeden sits down with Johnston County Commissioner Ted Godwin. Commissioner Godwin shares his lifelong local roots, small-town upbringing, and what inspired him to first seek public office back in 2008. After 12 years serving the community he loves, Ted still has a passion for managing growth and preserving the open spaces and small-town feel of Johnston County while welcoming smart commercial development.

Tune in to hear Godwin’s unique local perspective on the county’s explosive 300 million dollar budget, what civic service means to him, and his vision for balancing quality of life and economic progress in the years ahead. If you want the inside scoop from a true Johnston County hometown hero, don’t miss this candid conversation.

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Ask Jonathan Anything: Part 3

By ProductionAccount | January 29, 2024

In this special episode of The Best of Johnston County, join us as we dive into a candid Q&A session on family law. We’ll explore the ins and outs of child support, including how it’s calculated and the nuances of court orders. Whether you’re navigating your own family law challenges or just curious about the process, this episode offers valuable insights into the legal landscape of family support. Tune in for an informative discussion that sheds light on these important topics.

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Navigating Growth in Johnston County: Patrick Harris’ Visionary Leadership

By ProductionAccount | January 22, 2024

Join Jonathan Breeden for a deep dive into Johnston County’s growth and future with County Commissioner and former Fire Chief Patrick Harris. Learn about the changes shaping the community in this engaging episode of Best in Johnston County Podcast.

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Boosting Athletic Excellence: Alyssa Hellman’s Dynamic Journey in Johnston County

By ProductionAccount | January 15, 2024

Discover the drive behind Johnston County’s athletic progress with Alyssa Hellman of Dynamic Performance Training and the Greater Cleveland Athletic Association. Join us for an energizing episode with host Jonathan Breeden on the Best of Johnston County Podcast.

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Empowering Local Entrepreneurs: Woody Bailey’s Tech Vision for Johnston County

By ProductionAccount | January 8, 2024

Join host Jonathan Breeden and his very best friend Woody Bailey, local entrepreneur and owner of Woody’s Computing Services, as they discuss the intersection of small-town charm and tech industry growth in Johnston County.

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Reimagining Public Spaces: Adrian O’Neal on Johnston County’s Park and Rec Development

By ProductionAccount | January 1, 2024

Get firsthand insights into the future of public spaces in Johnston County with Parks and Open Space Director, Adrian O’Neal. In this episode of the Best of Johnston County Podcast, host Jonathan Breeden delves into the upcoming countywide park plan and the roles of leaders in shaping its implementation.

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Ask Jonathan Anything: Part 2

By ProductionAccount | December 25, 2023

Navigating divorce can be complex. Get your frequent queries answered directly by Jonathan Breeden, an experienced divorce attorney, in our latest episode of The Best of Johnston County Podcast.

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Home Sweet Home in Johnston County: Bart Poynor on Mortgages and More

By ProductionAccount | December 18, 2023

Dive into the world of mortgage brokering in this illuminating episode of the Best of Johnston County Podcast. Join Jonathan Breeden as he chats with seasoned mortgage broker, Bart Poynor, to bring you inside tips and personal perspectives on life in Johnston County.

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Backpack Buddies

By ProductionAccount | December 11, 2023

In this episode, Jonathan Breeden puts the spotlight on a remarkable community initiator, BackPack Buddies. Tune in as we talk to Mandy Williams, who shares her heartwarming mission to combat food insecurity among children in the Johnston County school system.

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Dedicated to Johnston County: An Intriguing Conversation with Representative Donna White

By ProductionAccount | December 4, 2023

This episode dives into the vibrant community spirit of Johnston County. Join Jonathan Breeden as he welcomes Representative Donna White, a stalwart advocate for the county and a significant voice in the North Carolina General Assembly.

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From Small Town to Booming County: A Conversation with Annice Broadwell

By ProductionAccount | December 4, 2023

In this episode of the Best of Johnston County Podcast, join host Jonathan Breeden as he welcomes Johnston County native and real estate developer Annice Broadwell. Together, they delve into the county’s past, present, and future.

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The 10 Commandments of Family Law

By ProductionAccount | November 27, 2023

Join Attorney Jonathan Breeden, the owner of Breeden Law Office, as he leads us into the heart of Johnston County in this inaugural episode, giving listeners an exclusive insiders’ look at the bustling local scene and the role of his practice within this thriving community.

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Ask Jonathan Anything: Part 1

By ProductionAccount | November 20, 2023

In a shift from traditional interviews, Jonathan Breeden, your host and renowned attorney, takes the hot seat. Tune into this unique episode of The Best of Johnson County Podcast and dive into the nuances of divorce law as Jonathan answers commonly asked questions to provide clarity and understanding about the divorce process.

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Growth and Perspectives: A Journey through Johnston County

By ProductionAccount | November 13, 2023

In a candid talk, Jonathan Breeden converses with local business man, Paul of HTR Commercial, about the stunning transformation Johnston County has witnessed over past decades. From burgeoning neighborhoods to prospering businesses, they discuss how strategic planning and development have made Johnston County a coveted North Carolinian destination.

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Embarking on the Journey: The Best of Johnston County Podcast’s Maiden Voyage

By ProductionAccount | November 1, 2023

In this inaugural episode of The Best of Johnston County podcast, meet Jonathan Breeden, a dedicated family law attorney who’s made Johnston County his legal home. Tune in for an intimate introduction and an unfolding narrative.

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About The Best Of Johnston
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“Best of Johnston County" is a heartwarming, educational podcast that dives into the stories that make this community unique. Brought to you by the trusted legal experts of Breeden Law Office and hosted by Jonathan Breeden, this show creates a platform showcasing all aspects of life in Johnston County. It features insights from business owners, political figures, community members, and even engages with significant subjects in the realm of family law. Amid the daily hustle and bustle, sometimes, we just take a step back to appreciate what lies at the heart of Johnston County.